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Garden Fencing in North Wales

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Are you looking for affordable Fencing services in North Wales.

As well as extensive soft landscaping and gardening services,  our members at North Wales Gardening Co offer a variety of hard landscaping services, including the installation, maintenance and repair of fencing in North Wales.

Planning Your Fencing

The first step to fence installation in North Wales is planning where your fence will go and ensuring it’s in-line with all legalities, such as not trespassing on your neighbour’s garden. You will also need planning permission.

Our members can help you plan your fencing and take you through the details.

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Fence Installation

Once you have permission, we can get started.

Our members have been delivering professional fencing in North Wales for years. From choosing the right panels to suit your garden’s design to digging out the holes, our members are experts through-and-through.

An affordable, prompt and personable fencing service is only a quick email enquiry away. When you book our member gardeners for your new fencing, a fixed timeline and quote can be provided, so you can rest assured that you won’t be waiting forever for your fence or paying a pretty penny.

Fence Maintenance in North Wales
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To ensure your fence lasts for years to come, make sure you maintain it properly – better still, let our approved member gardeners and landscapers do it for you.

Depending on the type of fence panels you have, fence maintenance in North Wales can include everything from sanding and re-varnishing or painting the panels to applying algae or lichen treatment to prevent long-term damage to the wood.


The English weather is unpredictable, and especially when strong winds hit, fence panels can attain extensive damage. At North Wales Gardening Co , as well as fence installation in North Wales, our members offer fence repair services throughout the city. These include patching up old panels and replacing those that we can’t save.

To have one of our members install your fencing in North Wales, or for a quote, please get in touch.